Presently the admiration for you that prevails in my heart after all the heinous deeds that were catapulted at me is inconceivable.

There were two parts to your soul both equally dominant. One poignant, the other determined and none of them would let the other one finish.

You are a living paradox reminding me of the eclectic shapes that upturn the canvas adding an intermingling of colours in a pattern unimaginable even to the greatest souls of all times.

With rue my heart has settled with yours, a rush I could never comprehend.

Twist of fate, amidst all the chaos our paths intertwined but sadly they never intersected we fröhliched around one another just like the flame of a candle floating gracefully about the fragile line of air. The flame knew if the breeze stopped it would breathe its last, also it knew if the air raged it would be too ferocious for her to survive, sadly she had loved the lonely breeze to a point where she was fearless of what would happen next.

The heart beating in your chest, all those memories we made together, all those joys, that laughter, your mesmerising eyes I knew tonight would be a tale of my anguished heart afflicted with the wound of a one-sided love story which would be drowned with endless bottles of Chardonnays, a surreal amount of melancholy and a spoonful of pensive thinking.

Hope would be that quaint cry of the part of my soul that would always long for the way you admired my presence wit those expressive eyes.

You liked me but loved him, as obstinate as I was, as undecided as you were, in the process I lost everything in tiny bits until there was nothing but just ash in my hand. That ash constituted of my poor soul ragged with that dextrous pain, innumerable scars that would exist until I breathe my last.

My lifeless mauled soul lays on the cold hard floor, neither a sign of relief nor a sign of exuberance.

To exist about, not think about those memories that penetrate my soul through my own thoughts is a futile task.

How does one not miss a part of them? Haha, one does, we carry their happiness like a symbol of our own weakness for the rest of our lives and then when we see them happy we wonder where the time went when we didn’t hate ourselves!

My wondrous mind took shelter in the presence of your heart and now all your warmth has been taken away and your absence makes me quiver.


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