Nuits silencieuses

He woke up with a sudden and an unsettling tension in his body. He felt the other side of the bed it was bare, there was on one around. He was trying to search me. He frantically looked at the clock, it displayed 3:15 very lifelessly.

He slowly pulled a robe around his body, slithered out of the bed with a very gentle movement. He seemed very sleepy, yet he had a vivid grace in every step that he took. He slowly opened the balcony slider, I was right there. It was cold outside. He quickly grabbed a little quilt and placed it on the chair near the slider. I was totally lost in my thoughts and I couldn’t see him come towards me. He put his arms around me, not too tight not too gentle the perfect touch, they were so comforting. They were right where I belonged. I could only wonder about how even his slightest touch would brush all my thoughts away and make me want him. This was one of the things that happened quite often but they had the urge as if they were happening for the first time. I could stay there wrapped around by him forever. He slowly let me go and sat behind me on the mat then grabbed the quilt which was resting on the chair and pulled it around us and then he wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his heartbeat running through me, it was a heavenly moment. I could feel his breathing and could listen to every little moment of his breath. He was breathing very softly but it had a rhythm and the warm air from his nose was making my ear tickle, even his breath is so comforting. He slowly leant towards me and ran his hands over mine, right from the shoulder until the very end of my fingers, I could feel my body respond to his touch very passionately. I could see sparks fly around us. The aura around us was charged and lit up with all the love and affection in our hearts. The heart beating in my chest was beating for me but he had totally cast a spell on it and it was made of all of him now. He said something in my ear that sounded like a lullaby to me.

“You like being this little kid, don’t you? Do you love sitting around here wrapped up by me? don’t you?” he said, his voice calm and soothing.

“Yeah,” I said nodding my head which was rubbing against his chest and looked at him.

“You need some sleep, its past 3.00 o clock in the morning. Although this is real fun but we could do it the entire day right? Is something bothering you? Is something wrong? Have I done anything to upset you?” his voice sounded low and the cool expression on his face was slowly fading away and by now he had been occupied by a more serious expression.

I slowly turned towards him, placed my hands on his face, his face looked magical, I could feel as if heaven had just smiled upon me. His child like the face was streaming with innocence. he couldn’t hide a single thing, his expressive eyes were waiting and gazing at me exasperatingly with concern and eloquence. How could he pull so many things with just one expression? I marvelled.

His strong jawline was lit up by the moonlight, he looked like a greek god and this man was cradling me in his arms. I slowly leant toward him, he closed his eyes, being so close to each other made my brain and my senses freeze, all I knew is that I wanted him, all of him. Our faces were very close to each other and the air around us was all charged up. We were breathing the same air, we were breathing in unison. I could feel his warm breath teasing my mouth. I could feel the rush, our breathing was getting heavier and deeper and I knew he longed for me and he wanted me, in a brief moment our lips met. We kissed for a moment, he slowly but gracefully withdrew without being too harsh.

I leant away, looked at those eyes burning with passion and his heart yearning. I said,

“This is everything I want, so it would be very sweet of you if you would let a smile out ‘cause its priceless and means a lot to me. There’s something about the night that perhaps I myself am yet to decipher, all I know is that it is just so different and appealing.”

I said staring out of the balcony into the dark that seemed to accept me gladly, I could feel the breeze gently blowing and soothing me.

“ Hey come on tell me about your little secret.” he said beaming a wide smile.

“The night is a total mystery to me, every night has so many facets and every facet has innumerable pages with thousand of stories untold. At night the presence of every small thing becomes dominant, even the clock comes to life. With every tick, i can feel myself going away from this world and driving into another world altogether, this feeling of getting lost is fascinating. I can see everyone going to sleep. The lights in the apartments going out. Mothers kissing their children goodnight. Couples about to sleep find some time together, to talk, to express themselves. At this time the entire world is being cradled by the moonlight and the night sings berceuse to put them to sleep”.

I slowly snuggled out of his arms, he loosened the grip and I walked towards the glass offset of the balcony. I ran my finger on the steel securer, it squeaked and made a very soft sound, that sound was very gentle and very relaxing.

“This is the time when I don’t have to talk to someone else, all i need to do is just think and this night just gets brighter and happier. This is the time when you can see the streetlights providing light to guide the thoughts of the people who must’ve lost their minds. There might be no one on the street but they still burn to provide light to someone who really needs some direction. There hardly are any cars around.Even if you sit on the sidewalk and speak all you hear is your own voice and the low rustling sound of the leaves as if they are actually listening to you and acknowledging your talk. When you are silent and close your eyes, all you can hear is your heart beating, relaxing as every bit of it can be. At night you don’t have to conceal anything, unlike the light and bright it doesn’t demand your face and looks all it demands is your presence and your slightest touch. You can see the dogs running freely, howling, barking, wagging their tails freely expressing their own selves with their mates freely. Who said at night the world stops? just the channel of command denominates. Especially in monsoon when the raindrops kiss the soil the sweet aroma that rises is heart-stopping, I could inhale all of it. I love sitting here and reminiscing as those little droplets osculate my face, reminding me of the beautiful joys in life. It gives me the freedom to want, to become a better person. Just sit here quaff coffee and watch the entire world sleep, descry the sun warming the entire world for another action-packed day. Nights could be so wonderful and otherworldly who ever must’ve thought”.

I spoke on and on and I could feel tears streaming my face.

I looked at him, he had a strange glaze in his eyes. His eyes had lit up, it was something about the way I spoke, I knew it he wanted to hear it. He caressed the tears away kissed my cheek I could feel his stubble grazing my cheek I let a little smile out, and I knew my answer had been quite convincing.


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