Blood of queen and heart of a lioness

She headed the woods, wild and cold. tears streamed down her beautiful face, the Mascara that saintly highlighted her passionately eloquent eyes was smudged. she was confused, not able to think she walks, she screams makes the cold ground her nest. She slips, she falls, blood runs down her legs, the legs that were dainty and delicate are all ruined now, filled with the scars and bruises. She sits down and cries, cries till she could manage no longer. she moaned, she sobbed, she got up she ran intoxicated, frustrated, confused and wild, she wanted to stop but her legs swooped out of control, beseeching she wiped her eyes, it was getting darker, it was bright in the woods but her heart already had sunken in despair. There was only one thing in common in the woods and her, they both had lost their minds. They were accepting each other, not humbly but they were. all the memories she had were flowing back to her, the fire inside her that burnt bright had now been totally burnt out and the flowery innocence had all died from the thirst, the thirst for happiness and the thirst for him. The memories were coming in little pieces like a kaleidoscope of what she had ever wanted, what she ever had. She stopped and the words echoed her brain, “we shouldn’t rush into things, they scramble the moments.” he was what she ever wanted, what she ever needed. the way she’d want him to touch his face. Her mouth longed for his touch.The way her body would react even to his slightest touch, it was a perfect passion but now it’s all lost somewhere in the snow.It’s getting colder, the snowstorm’s approaching but she doesn’t care about a damn thing. All she wanted was just a little touch. she sits down panting for every breath running out of energy she reclines on the bark of the huge eucalyptus trees and bursts into tears of morose despair and  of pinching sadness.  Now probably he’s somewhere looking out at the city and she knows he misses her too, but between most of the things that they ever had,that they ever shared, till most of the things that were left unsaid they lost the trail of that love, the love they needed the most. She wanted to die but the little voice inside her kept her going on. She got up, she knew she had enough, she knew it was the time to change, it needed to change for her own good, now she fights with life alone bare handed she doesn’t need that lost love anymore. it’s almost 10 months passed she knew him, she’s all clean but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss him. She just doesn’t want to miss him that way !


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