I Breathe therefore I am.

Every time I breathe, it’s not just inhalation and exhalation but it triggers my senses in the most vivid way possible. Human thought process is so mean stream, our thoughts change with the shades of life.
When I inhale or I breathe in, my thoughts are triggered. Every time I exhale my thoughts either embellish or fade away just like the previous breath. It is always considered that breathing is the most essential and fundamental activity of life and yes I could not agree more. It’s so true , the essence of life enters our body. It gives us the most pleasurable as well as the most unpleasing experiences. God has given the right to breathe to everyone. He has put you in the form of a living being and you have the right to breathe. Well you breathe to live or live to breathe is all your lookout. But I think I would rather live to breathe, because it all depends on the attitude one possesses. According to one the glass could be half empty, according to one it could be half full, or seldom some might quote back there’s a glass of water, the question here is not whether the glass is half full or not but whether you want to drink it or not.
Breathing  teaches me acceptance as well as rebellion. When I inhale I accept the gift of nature very humbly, but apparently I am not so humble so I process it further. Only the required constituents are retained rest are given back, for my satisfaction. Further life is not easy just like breathing I wish it were but apparently it is not, saying the right thing at the right time is crucial. So it also gives another reason to figure out the complicated part of life and just live it to its fullest. Saying the right thing at the right time happens only in a cold day in hell. So making mistakes is not that bad. Breathe in and just relax the rest will go fine. Things will fall in place and if they don’t there’s nothing to worry about, apparently that thing was to play its part only until there in your life.
‘Refreshing, toiling and rejoicing onward with it the life goes.’ Life is a beautiful gift bestowed upon us. We can see it with our eyes we can feel its texture by touch but it can only be experienced with the sense of smell. You can inhale the aroma and awaken yourself with it. Life will go wrong but that does not imply you stop thinking about it and shut yourself off, life can give you sweet surprises. These surprises are the ones that make our world a better place to live in.
So now I know breathing just not only keeps me alive technically by providing oxygen but it keeps me alive in all the lively and vibrant ways possible.


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